Thursday, 21 April 2016

Your dream table is easier than you think

Inspired to add a showpiece table to your dining room? Or perhaps a bar top in your 'man cave'?  
Whatever the project, we can assist in designing and building your dream table! 

Depending on many factors (time, interest, capability, etc) we can help you out as little or as much as you need. What does this mean? Well....

Option 1) Purchase a pre-made table, assemble, & eat dinner
We currently have two tables that are completely finished and are looking for homes. This is not something we'll be offering anymore, so with our newly lowered prices I wouldn't delay if you are interested! 
Left: Acacia & Wenge ($4750, Now $2250)
Right: African Teak & Peruvian Walnut  ($3975, Now $1975)

Option 2) The best of both worlds
If joining boards and flattening the surface are beyond your means, that's where KJP can really help you out! The options with this route are endless. 

We have dozens of pre-made tabletops to select from in our new warehouse. These tabletops have already been laminated together (if necessary), flattened, and sanded to 80 grit. 

Here are a few examples:

By going with this option, the hard work is done for you. All that's left is additional sanding, applying your finish, and picking the appropriate base/legs. That being said, if you don't have the time or desire to complete the table yourself, we can certainly recommend someone who can!

Option 3) The ultimate in customization

This is the ideal option for those that need to work more closely with specific dimensions. This is also the best option if you want complete control over selecting your own boards.

How does this work?
Step 1 - Come visit us! Make sure to bring your dimensions, or have an approximate idea
Step 2 - Browse around our store until you are inspired by a certain wood species (or a mix!)
Step 3 - Select the boards you would like your tabletop built from
Step 4 - Leave it with us, and with a very quick turnaround, we will provide you with your custom tabletop! All that's left will be additional sanding, applying the finish, and building/buying a base

A few things to remember....

- Tabletops can be built with or without live edge
- Tabletops aren't as expensive as you think! There is a quite a wide range of prices.
- If you fall in love with a tabletop, but don't have the immediate transportation.... no problem! We can safely store it for you.

And lastly, we love seeing what our customers create. Sending us a photo of your tabletop is mandatory. Well not really... but it's highly encouraged!

So there you have it! Having your dream table really is easier than you think. And I guarantee you that your friends will never have the same one :-)

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Recently New Live Edge Slabs

Happy Wednesday! I thought we'd inspire you with some photos of spectacular live edge wood slabs. Have you seen our new live edge wood showroom? It's bursting with inspiration... from serving trays, shelves, mantels, and tabletops. Until you can visit our store, we've got you covered. Here are a few of our favourite tabletops!

White Oak Burl Tabletop
Flat & ready for sanding
(60" x 65" x 9/4)

Figured Live Edge Maple Tabletop
Flat & ready for sanding
(46" x 100" x 8/4)

Walnut Live Edge Tabletop
Flat & ready for sanding
(2" x 40" x 7')

Cherry Live Edge Slab
Finished with Livos
 (2" x 33" x 63.5") 

Maple Live Edge Slabs

Claro Walnut Slab 
Finished with Livos
(40-62" x 87" x 8/4)

Box Elder Live Edge Slab

Cherry & Ambrosia Maple Tabletop
Finished with Livos
(36" x 72" x 8/4)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wide and Wonderful

Here are some of the latest goodies that are flat and ready to go! Photos are great to show the grain, but they don't often reflect an accurate representation of the size.... so dimensions are included below each photo.

Highly Figured Maple - 2" x (49-52") x 95"
African Teak - 1.5" x 22.5" x 58"

Figured Maple - 2" x 31" x 58"

Cherry (Left) -  2" x (26-33") x 110" and Cherry (Right) 2.75" x (25-32") x 111" 
Cherry, stained with Black Bean Livos - 2" x 39" x 73.5"

Figured Maple - 1.75" x (21-36") x 10',  Royal Mahogany - 2" x 29" x 61"

Maple Burl - 2.25" x 31.5" x 36"

Figured Spalted Maple - 2" x (15-18") x 73"

Spalted Elm (Front) 1.5" x 34" x 52" and Spalted Elm (Back) 1.75" x (32-34") x 69.25"

Friday, 12 June 2015

One of a kind pieces

As Beyoncé would say, "if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it"... well that applies to wood also! Except you should purchase it, and not propose. Cheesy jokes aside, I took a wander around the store and snapped some shots of really unique pieces. As of now, these are all available for sale but our stock changes daily.

There will always be someone here to help make your vision become reality. And with our new machine, the opportunities are endless...

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Inspiration - Summer DIY Projects

The snow is gone so you are likely not hibernating in your basement anymore. Well that doesn't mean that your woodworking creativity has to halt until the poor weather returns! Here is some summer inspiration for quick & easy projects. 

Have an idea that you think other woodworkers may enjoy? Feel free to post them here or on our Facebook page! 

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of
You can purchase the plans for these here at Lee Valley:,46158,46162

Courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Funky Junk Interiors

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Plants, Beer, and Comiccon

With the warmer weather finally here, we just want to be outside! But since we can't be at Clocktower enjoying Wil Wheaton's new beer, we'll settle for adding a little 'greenery' to our store. We now carry air plants!

What is an air plant? 
Well if you don't have a green thumb, these plants are ideal. They require basically no maintenance as they are airborne plants. As "Better Homes and Gardens" say, they 'thrive on neglect'!

Just spritz some water on them occasionally and they will survive. (Are you now humming "I Will Survive"? I am... great...)

For more information on how to grow them, click here to read a great article on the BH&G website.

Cathy had some fun displaying some various types of air plants in a unique Maple Burl we have on display. Next time you're in the shop, come take a look!

And here are a few pics of some *cringe* fake plants for inspiration on how to combine wood & greenery.

While you're at Comiccon this weekend, don't forget to stop by one of our customers booths, Ben from Elkasha Arts. He designs incredible Intarsia work in a variety of your favourite characters!
Give him a 'like here at