Thursday, 20 June 2013

Live Edge Wood - Inspiration for all budgets and experience levels

Here are 21 reasons/designs why working with live edge wood is pretty darn cool!

We've got the wood... here's the inspiration... why not start the summer off with a live edge wood project. They can be as challenging or as simple as you make them! 

Love this. Simple, yet a unique touch for your kitchen.
Beautiful... and easy to make.
Love the continuation of the grain on the side. What a stunning table!

Now how cool is this! Two side tables designed to sit together to form one long table when needed! Genius...
Just love the simplicity of this style
What a neat idea for the base
The opposite position for the two slabs is more common but this is fantastic... something different

Loving the shape of the legs!

Now this is just incredible.... loving everything about the side detail on this table

What a neat idea to add a contrasting wood for height on the table legs... I like it!

Live edge wood always has some character... filling gaps with stones is a great idea

Great concept putting the live edge material on the inside of a table

Gorgeous... just gorgeous.

Now this is a bit too "busy" for my taste... but the concept of different levels and varying shapes is really interesting.

Somebody is thinking.... perfect idea for your desk

This is fantastic.... 

What a great idea... no more worrying about cutting yourself having the bark on the edge of the table! And less work by not having to glue the boards together... 

A perfect compliment to your couch! 

If I owned a bar/restaurant this would be the first thing added... fantastic idea.

How can you not like Walnut?! 

Simple and elegant... the perfect entrance table

Hope you enjoyed these pictures! Now if only I could take credit for the woodworking talent and creativity... images were borrowed from Google and each credited to their owner. 

We'd love to see your work! Please feel free to send along images and we will add them to our gallery.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Behind the scenes finishing a slab....

Finishing a slab is quite the process! Thought we'd have some fun and finish up one of our new slabs - Figured Ash. I have the easy job of taking pictures while Cathy does the actual work :-)

Dimensions are 95" long, 2" thick and between 18-25" wide.

Figured Ash Slab - on the table and ready to get going! (Excuse the mess...) 
Starting on the bottom of the slab first 
Cathy has tediously picked away most of the bark. Very boring and time consuming! Worth it though...
Now time to smooth the edges so no one hurts themselves while sitting at the table

Time to sand the bottom of the slab and put a coat of finish on.
Now to start on the top...

The bark is gone
Edges are getting smoother
The slab is now ready to be finished
Finished with 4 coats of Livos
Done! Could be the perfect headboard...
Close up of the grain

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Parking at KJP

We didn't luck out with many parking spots but please feel free to always park in front of our shipping door on the left. (see image below)

Main Shipping Door
We try to keep this spot empty, but if you are just going to be "in and out" feel free to park there if there aren't any other spots. Please let us know that it's your car so in case we do get a shipment, we know who to ask to move their car :-) If you are picking up a large quantity of wood/plywood please feel free to back up to this spot to save your back! 

On Saturdays you can park anywhere - other businesses are closed. 

You can always park anywhere on the road and then move your car closer when it's time to load your wood. Feel free to bring our lumber carts out to the parking lot... and we can always help bring your wood to the car also.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Calculate your board feet - FREE APP for your iPhone!

How cool is this? Thanks to Patrick who passed on this awesome tip this morning!

Upcoming Event: Ottawa Guitar Show

We are proud to be a sponsor at the upcoming Ottawa Guitar Show! 
Sunday June 16 - this is the place to be

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Woods for Outdoor Projects

Looking to build something for your backyard? An Adirondack chair? Side table? Sign for your cottage?

Here are a few popular choices...

White Oak
And good news - it's 20% off for the month of June! 




Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)



Spanish Cedar

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The top 10 things to know before visiting our store

Well, you don't really need to know these things ahead of time.. but it sure helps! Lumber terminology isn't always the easiest thing to grasp! Especially when you are drooling over all the different woods...

1. How do I find your store?
We do not have a sign visible from the street. Bentley runs east off Merivale Road, first traffic light south of Hunt Club. Our building is 145 Bentley, the third last building on the street, on your left. Our unit #3 comes in from the east side of the building (far side). Our sign is overhead. Click here for a map and directions. 

Please park in one of the spots in front of our building Monday through Friday. On Saturdays you can park anywhere - other businesses are closed.

2. What is a BOARD FOOT (BF)
Why do I need to know this? Our wood is sold in various widths, thicknesses and lengths. We calculate the volume of the wood you are purchasing using this method. Don't stress! We have many calculators available and we are here to help...

The easiest way to grasp this industry convention is simply to understand that a board foot is a unit of volume equal to 144 cubic inches of wood. A board's three dimensions (thickness, width and length) in inches are multiplied together, then divided by 144 to arrive at board footage.
Ex: A board that is 84" long, 6" wide and 1" thick
84 x 6 x 1 = 504
504/144 - 3.5 board feet (bf)

The equilivant of 1 board foot...
24" x 6" x 1" = 1bf
12" x 6" x 2" = 1bf 

3. What does 4/4, 5/4, 8/4, 12/4 etc mean?
Our wood is sold in various thicknesses, and is calculated by quarters of inches. 

4/4 - 1" thick
5/4 - 1 1/4" thick
6/4 - 1 1/2" thick 
8/4 - 2" thick
10/4 - 2 1/2" thick
12/4 - 3" thick

4. Do we offer discounts?
Yes! When purchasing the same type of lumber we are able to provide a discount structure. 
20bf - save 10% 
50bf - save 15% 
100bf - save 20% 

Plywood - save 10% when purchasing 6 sheets or more. 

We also have a monthly e-newsletter that notifies you of our current monthly special. Interested? You can subscribe at the bottom of the page! Our discount structure does not apply to sale items.

5. Yes, we can cut the wood to fit inside your vehicle
It's not always easy fitting a 10ft board into a Smart Car, but we can make it work. No charge for basic cuts...

6. What about precise milling jobs?
Unfortunately we are not able to provide any milling services. We can certainly recommend people though, just ask!  

7. Can I choose my boards?
Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to choose your own. Everyones taste is different and we want you to get the perfect boards for your project... even if you have to dig to the bottom of the pile! 

8. What woods are good for outdoors?
Thinking of building something for outside? We have several options.... AshWhite Oak, Spanish Cedar, Ipe, Iroko, Jatoba, Mahogany and Purpleheart. Just to name a few! 

9. Common terms used throughout the store
BF - Board foot
G2S - Good two sides
QS - Quartersawn 
R4F - Red four face
RF - Riftsawn
1C, 2C - 1 Common, 2 Common

10. Why "KJP"?
We named the store after our children... Karen, Joanne and Paul.