Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Plants, Beer, and Comiccon

With the warmer weather finally here, we just want to be outside! But since we can't be at Clocktower enjoying Wil Wheaton's new beer, we'll settle for adding a little 'greenery' to our store. We now carry air plants!

What is an air plant? 
Well if you don't have a green thumb, these plants are ideal. They require basically no maintenance as they are airborne plants. As "Better Homes and Gardens" say, they 'thrive on neglect'!

Just spritz some water on them occasionally and they will survive. (Are you now humming "I Will Survive"? I am... great...)

For more information on how to grow them, click here to read a great article on the BH&G website.

Cathy had some fun displaying some various types of air plants in a unique Maple Burl we have on display. Next time you're in the shop, come take a look!

And here are a few pics of some *cringe* fake plants for inspiration on how to combine wood & greenery.

While you're at Comiccon this weekend, don't forget to stop by one of our customers booths, Ben from Elkasha Arts. He designs incredible Intarsia work in a variety of your favourite characters!
Give him a 'like here at

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