Friday, 22 February 2013

The "Clover"... from start to finish

There's nothing more exciting than unloading a shipment of burls and finding a gem like this one! Bark on all sides...  and in such a beautiful shape. After storing it for about a year, we decided to make this burl our latest project.
Maple Burl - 4.25" x 39" x 46.5"
Mineral spirits to show the grain
The Clover
Cathy and Derek spent hours upon hours chipping away the bark and vacuuming out the dust and dirt. Before actually doing so yourself, you really don't know how long it takes! 

Bernie even took a moment here and there to do some "chipping"

Sanded and ready to finish

Finished with four coats of Livos

Now it's time to design legs. Wood? Metal? To be cont.

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