Tuesday 15 October 2013

A coffee table top, made with coffee

What do you do when you have a beautiful piece of wood with holes or cracks? Break out the coffee grinds and some CA glue! We decided to have some fun with an Olivewood natural edge slab. 

Drizzle some glue into the void you are trying to camouflage. Fill in the gap with coffee grinds and pat down with a glue stick. Let sit until dry, and sand away the excess grinds. Do a little at a time, filling the hole up gradually. 

Add a finish and you're done!
Maple Burl - Same technique used
Cherry Burl - same technique was used here as well


  1. Hello, can I use wood glue for this or does it have to be super glue?


  2. We prefer super glue as it is clear and the consistency is much easier to work with, and dries instantly.
    However for deep holes, we would begin the process with wood glue then finish the top layers with CA glue and coffee grinds.

  3. This is an excellent glue. it's long lasting. so i like it.

  4. What viscosity (thickness) of glue do you use?

    1. We prefer the medium viscosity of CA Glue for this.

  5. Do you sale CA glue?

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