Tuesday, 5 November 2013

10 gifts you can make for $25 or less

Christmas is just around the corner. Crazy isn't it? I refuse to start my shopping until December but for those that are more organized and are starting now....

Here are a few ideas for gifts you can make, costing you less than you think!

1) Turn a bowl! There are hundreds of turning blanks to choose from and almost all of them are $25 or less.

2) Make a serving tray! Who doesn't love a unique conversation piece to display their over priced cheese on. Just teasing...  We have 24" shorts available in many species. You can pick two and laminate them together for an artistic touch. We even have a great special on Purpleheart shorts... trust me, the price is right! Want to make it a bit more personal? Drop it off when you are done and we can laser engrave someones name on it!

3) Did someone on your gift list just get married? Yes? Terrific. Here's an idea: secretly talk to their spouse and get a nice photograph from their wedding day. Print it. Make a frame! Sentimental gift-getters always give the best hugs :-)

4) Make a pen/pencil set. Easy! Can make it for under $10 and they will never know. Sneaky, sneaky!

5) Make a Christmas ornament. Turn/carve something unique that your loved one can display year after year. (or only display when they have you over!) Kidding.... I've never done that.

6) What girl do you know that doesn't own jewelry? If you really like the person, make them a jewellery box! (I've been waiting 6 years for my dad/Bernie to make me one) OR make a jewelry stand. A quick google search will give you lots of inspiration for shapes and species.

7) Make a pepper mill! Explore our section of spindle blanks/table legs at the back of our store for the perfect piece of wood. Hardware is also available from 4" to 18" long. Or if you are like me and hate pepper, make a salt shaker!

8) Chop chop! Yup, a cutting board is beautiful and practical. The options are endless when it comes to making one... shapes, sizes, wood species etc. Guaranteed to be unique!

Maple Burl Live Edge

9) No time to make anything? Wrapping paper will cover nicely to camouflage a board/block of wood. And you will be the greatest gift-giver because their present is the biggest under the tree!

10) If you are reading this blog post and thinking "hmm, what about a present for myself? I would love for my spouse to get me a gift certificate!" No problem. You give them the hint, we'll provide the gift certificate. Available in any denomination, in-store or over the phone.

Hope you feel inspired to start your shopping a little early this year... see you at the shop!

The "K" in KJP

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