Saturday, 15 June 2013

Behind the scenes finishing a slab....

Finishing a slab is quite the process! Thought we'd have some fun and finish up one of our new slabs - Figured Ash. I have the easy job of taking pictures while Cathy does the actual work :-)

Dimensions are 95" long, 2" thick and between 18-25" wide.

Figured Ash Slab - on the table and ready to get going! (Excuse the mess...) 
Starting on the bottom of the slab first 
Cathy has tediously picked away most of the bark. Very boring and time consuming! Worth it though...
Now time to smooth the edges so no one hurts themselves while sitting at the table

Time to sand the bottom of the slab and put a coat of finish on.
Now to start on the top...

The bark is gone
Edges are getting smoother
The slab is now ready to be finished
Finished with 4 coats of Livos
Done! Could be the perfect headboard...
Close up of the grain

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