Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Parking at KJP

We didn't luck out with many parking spots but please feel free to always park in front of our shipping door on the left. (see image below)

Main Shipping Door
We try to keep this spot empty, but if you are just going to be "in and out" feel free to park there if there aren't any other spots. Please let us know that it's your car so in case we do get a shipment, we know who to ask to move their car :-) If you are picking up a large quantity of wood/plywood please feel free to back up to this spot to save your back! 

On Saturdays you can park anywhere - other businesses are closed. 

You can always park anywhere on the road and then move your car closer when it's time to load your wood. Feel free to bring our lumber carts out to the parking lot... and we can always help bring your wood to the car also.

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