Saturday, 1 February 2014

Livos Products - What to use when

We have really expanded our Livos line-up! Each product is a little different so we decided to take a minute and summarize the benefits of each one.

All Livos products have these facts in common, so I'll summarize that now:
- Environmentally & ecologically friendly
- Low odor
- High coverage ability
- Very simple to apply
- Simply wipes on, goes a long way

If you haven't worked with Livos before, we also have a post on "How to apply Livos: Tips & Tricks"

Livos - Kunos 244
Available in 50ml, 250ml, 750ml, 2.5L and 10L
- Approved for food contact according to German standards
- Used in furniture & flooring
- Seals & protects
- Bring out the natural grain and figure
Ideal for: furniture, cabinets, mantels...

If you like the finish but need to change or enhance the colour of the wood, we have 24 colours to select from.
50ml available in all 24 colours
250ml available in:White, Black, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Cocobolo, Intensive Cherry, Black Bean, Elm Dark Brown, Smoked Oak, Mahogany & Rosewood
750ml available in: Cherry, Walnut & Black Bean

Livos - Kunos 243 - Clear Countertop Oil
Available in 50ml, 250ml and 750ml
- High waterproof ability
- Approved for food contact according to German standards
- Thicker viscosity than the Livos 244 however has an equal appearance
Ideal for: kitchen table, kitchen counters...

Can also be applied as a topcoat on KUNOS 244 increasing its waterproof ability.

Livos - LINN - Bathroom Furniture Oil
Available in 250ml and 750ml
- Designed for solid wood furniture subjected to high humidity levels
- Increased waterproof ability and higher sheen
- Superior resistance to toothpaste stains
Ideal for: bathroom counter, any where there is high humidity or moisture

Livos: Gleivo Beeswax
Available in 250ml
Ideal for: perking up existing furniture

Livos: Svalos 222 - Tool cleaner and Thinner
Available in 1L
- Clear, colourless, with a pleasant orange odor
- Very efficient tool cleaner
- Use as a thinner with oil based products
- Removes fresh stains
Finally a pleasant smelling cleaner that does the job!

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