Thursday, 30 January 2014

Project ideas for Valentine's Day

We all know it's a silly holiday, but the women in your lives will still expect a present. Am I right? Yup...

Well I'm here to make your life easier with 10 gift ideas that are inexpensive and quick.

1) Make them a Jewelry Box - as simple as 5 walls and a lid. If you are more skilled, add some extra touches with designer knobs from Lee Valley or some drawers with individual components for their overpriced jewelry. Want to win extra points with your spouse? Include a new necklace inside... that's got to give you at least a few months worth of no cleaning duties!
The very talented Jack Belletrutti built this stunning jewellery box.

2) Turn a pen in their favourite colour and engrave their name, easy! We also have red velvet bags to put the pen in so it can get lost in their purse slightly less often...

3) Make some candle sticks! So many different options... turn, carve, drill... whatever. Set the mood with a few tea lights, cook her a lovely meal and you have survived another Valentine's Day!
Courtesy of Derek Banke

4) Make a cutting board or a serving tray...  present it with a bottle of wine and a single long stemmed rose.
Courtesy of Don Rideout

5) Build a custom picture frame... size, shape and colours combinations are endless!
Courtesy of Brandon's post from Lumber Jocks

6) What woman doesn't like jewelry.. turn a bracelet
Courtesy of Lance Besharah

7) Get a nice tasting wine and pair it with a wine stopper
Courtesy of  Alain BĂ©langer

8) Make a wine rack. There are so many designs in varying difficulty levels. Select their favourite colour and find a wood that matches. Chop, chop, nail, nail, polish, polish and voila! Make sure to drink the wine after the rack is completed...
Courtesy of Ryan Shillington

9) Make a jewelry holder!
Courtesy of Larry Katz

10) And last but not least.. planning to propose? Make a custom ring box. Extra tears assured...
Courtesy of Jason Trudel
Hope you enjoyed the post! If you are still looking for inspiration, have you seen our newly revamped "Inspiration" page? Check it out... we think it's pretty terrific as we have some seriously talented customers!!

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