Tuesday, 27 May 2014

California Redwood Slab - FINISHED!

Have you ever seen the trees in California that you can actually drive through? If you haven't, quickly google that and return to this blog post :-)

'The Beast' arrived back in March and Cathy has been working on it daily ever since. Measuring 3" x 30-61" x 91", this absolutely stunning piece is now complete.

Here are some photos taken throughout the process... enjoy!

Just in the door
Close up of the slab to show the figure

Began by sealing the reverse side and edges. Ready to flip over and begin sanding down the main side.
Edges were sealed with epoxy and then sanded finely with steel wool to minimize the gloss
Slab has been flipped, and the good side is ready to begin sanding

Let's just say we went through a lot of sand paper...
Sanding the piece down exposed about a hundred little surface cracks. Each and every one was meticulously filled. Depending on the depth,  coffee grounds and/or epoxy & CA glue were used.

See those tiny cracks where the top of the slab meets the side? Yup... they got filled as well.  
Done! Finished with 6 coats of Livos. This slab is a must see...


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  2. Amazing piece of work. I was wondering what epoxy and tools you used to seal the edges?