Saturday, 7 June 2014

What's New - June 7th

It's been a busy week for us at KJP! Unloading skids & skids of beautiful wood... here are some pics of what has arrived! There are many more new things - but you'll have to visit the store to see :-)

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Redwood Lace Burl
Live Edge Cherry & Pine slabs - exceptionally wide.
Here is a close-up of the slab right above. The dimensions are 2.5" x 29" x 102".
And here is a close-up of the Pine slab from right above. The dimensions are 4" x 25" x 101".
Our Spalted/Live Edge row is bursting with new slabs... a must see!
For the first time in KJP history, we finally have 6/4 Walnut - and it's gorgeous stuff!

9ft Prime Cherry, 4/4

Looking to save on Cherry? These new 4ft lengths are ideal!

5/4 Maple - back in stock

5/4 Cherry - a wonderful new skid with some really wide boards as well! Don't wait long if that's what you need...

6/4 Cherry 

This is only a small amount of the Live Edge Walnut slabs now available... if you like Walnut, a trip in to KJP is a must!

See what I mean? And each one is nicer than the next...
Another new Live Edge species for KJP - Ambrosia Maple! 

This is our Cherry section, nice and full!

Pen Blanks & Turning Hardware - lots of new goodies! See our What's New page for all the items

Calling all carvers! We now have 4/4 & 10/4 Basswood in stock. 16/4 to arrive later next week.

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