Saturday, 4 January 2014

FREE Upcoming Event - Woodturning Workshop at our store

When: Saturday, March 1st
Where: KJP Select Hardwoods 

There will be multiple workshops running throughout the day led by Bart Poulter. These workshops are meant for beginners and intermediate turners. There will also be mentors available to answer questions as well.

Topics may include:
- Introduction to woodturning
- Safety in woodturning
- Pen Making
- Finishing
- Turning Bowls
- Sharpening
- Wood preparation
- Making pepper mills

Any requests? We will be finalizing the schedule in the next few weeks. Make sure to mark this day in the calendar. It's an event not to be missed!


  1. Is registration required??


    1. Hi Paul,

      Registration is not required. We will have the timeline finalized soon but I know the first workshops will begin at 9:30. We do recommend getting there early so you have a good viewing spot!