Thursday, 9 January 2014

It's time to get organized

The holidays are over and the guilt has sunk in. The extra belly fat and the 'being nicer' is already on your 2014 to-do list, but what about a clean shop?

A clean shop is a safe shop! Here are some great organizational projects that will help keep your shop organized and maximize space. Your spouse will no longer be able to say, "hunny you have no room for that". In comes the new bandsaw....

1) You can take down the 2013 Maxim calendar and replace the empty space with this. Space effective and smart. Instructions and materials needed can be found on The Family Handyman's website here.
Photo courtesy of The Family Handyman

2) Tray for holding your blades. Rockler has already done a great post on how to build one. Click here for the direct link.
Photo courtesy of Rockler

3) Don't want to ruin your nice work bench? This is a great idea to prevent glue/paint/finish spills.. here is a direct link to an article on Wood Magazine for how to make it.

Photo courtesy of Wood Magazine

4) Tired of tripping on wires? Take a few minutes and build this.... great idea!

Tip found on Wood Magazine

If you’re tired of tripping over extension cords and accidentally kicking them loose from the outlet, hang ’em high using the simple suspension cable shown. When you’re done for the day, the whole cord system slides back against the wall.

Begin by driving two screw eyes into a ceiling joist to hold the clothesline. Fasten the clothesline to one screw eye, slip the metal shower curtain rings over it, and attach the other end to the other screw eye. Space the rings along the clothesline as shown, slip the extension cord through the rings, and secure the cord to them with wire ties.

—Buck Nall, Alma, Ga.
Photo courtesy of Wood Magazine

5) Penturners - organize your bushings in a dollar store plastic tray. A $1.00 investment is well worth the headaches of losing/misplacing bushings.

6) Do you constantly trip over wood you forgot you already own? Keep it organized with a multiple compartment, rolling cart. I found this genius idea at Shop Notes, here's the link.

7) It's simple, but it's smart. Picture says it all.

8) Ever lose a sock? Perfect. You have just built a "safety glasses organizer". Now the only way it will work, is if you actually use it.... you'll be surprised what you can actually see when your glasses aren't covered in sawdust.

9) A quick trip to Walmart and you are all set to keep your sandpaper organized. And when you have outgrown that method, the 2nd option will ensure you stay organized. Here is the link to Lumberjocks website for the instructions and materials needed.

Photo courtesy of Lumberjocks

10) Does your spouse enjoy cooking?

Last tip: Print out all your favourite *complicated* recipes and put them in a binder. Keep it unlabelled, but in a safe and memorable spot. When your spouse enters your workshop and gives you a "honey-do" project, remove a recipe from your binder and make a deal. Win/win for everyone!

Hope you enjoyed todays post!

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  1. Great tips, Karen. Thank you. no.3 and no.8 are now on my to-do list.